To The Editor:

So the Republicans in the state Legislature have decided to move the vote on Proposition A (to block the anti-worker law passed by them last year) to August rather than the original plan to put it on the November ballot. 

No surprise there. State Sen. Dave Schatz uses the kind of deceptive language Republicans are well known for by stating it is really important to have this vote as soon as possible.  He is saying publicly that companies looking to move their operations to Missouri are eager to learn the outcome of the Prop A vote, but he doesn’t give examples of those companies chomping at the bit to move to Missouri.

Studies by neutral parties have shown that wages in socalled “right to work” states are significantly lower than in states with strong unions.  So I have to wonder if maybe that is the real motive behind Republican efforts to drive down union membership in Missouri.

Worker protections in America go all the way back to the National Labor Relations Act of 1935.  That law guarantees the right of private sector employees to organize, to engage in collective bargaining and to take collective action when necessary.  Where there are unions, workers are not on their own to defend themselves if treated unfairly. Equal pay for equal work, health care benefits, and sick leave are just a few of the benefits of a union shop.

I hope voters won’t fall for the “freedom to work” argument offered by Republicans like Sen. Schatz. What they really want is for workers to enjoy all the benefits of union representation without paying for it. Let’s at least call it what it is . . . Freeloading.