For the last 50 years, East Central College has provided a quality and affordable education to the community. We have been dedicated to continuous improvement as an institution, and we strive to be a dynamic, innovative college of choice for our community.

To ensure the integrity of our institution, we are currently undergoing the reaffirmation of our accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

This organization validates the quality of our institution as a whole and evaluates multiple aspects of our institution – from academic offerings to governance and administration.

Over the past few months, the HLC has identified several areas of opportunity for East Central College to improve upon — including the strengthening of current processes, procedures and operations. A report provided to ECC in November highlighted the following areas for improvement:

• Develop a new strategic plan.

• Formalize the documentation of college-wide processes.

• Implement an institution-wide academic assessment plan.

• Enhance campus-wide communications.

• Develop shared governance.

• Develop retention, completion and persistence goals.

• Ensure critical and strategic decisions are data driven.

• Conduct and document routine faculty and staff evaluations.

The report is recommending to the HLC governing board that ECC be placed on probationary status. The college is developing a written response to the team’s findings, and a hearing on the recommendation will be held in late April.

A final determination regarding whether to place the institution on probation could be as late as fall.

Rest assured, we have taken these recommendations to heart and are diligently working on making the necessary changes and improvements. It is important for the community to understand that ECC remains fully accredited by the HLC, and will maintain accreditation if placed on probation.

Current operations will proceed as normal. However, the college will be required to provide regular updates to the HLC concerning campus or organizational improvements. 

Our operations are unaffected during the probationary status:

• Financial aid will not be affected in any way.

• Scholarships will not be affected in any way.

• Transfer credits and programs will not be affected in any way.

• The quality of our instruction and programs will not be affected in any way.

As we start the process of becoming an improved, stronger institution, we will still actively educate, recruit and enroll students every day. Incoming and current ECC students can still be confident in the quality of their education and their degree.

We are proud of our status in the community as an educational leader, a partner with business and industry, and a community resource. We will use this situation as an opportunity to serve you better. If there are concerns or questions about the process, please contact me at or 636-584-6501.