To The Editor:

Wow! It would seem frequent contributor Charles Coy has dreamed (pardon the pun) yet another way to liberally spend fellow taxpayers’ hard-earned money.

Don’t you get it? Couldn’t you feel it, when thankfully enough Americans showed up at the polls and said: “enough!”

A few weeks ago, Mr. Coy felt that if America could just be a little more kind to Muslim countries, perhaps our relations could be better.

So, perhaps I should now send a thank-you note, thanking them for accepting taxpayers’ American dollars.

In another letter Mr. Coy states that we don’t need a wall on our southern border. What we need to do is enforce the laws.

As if that will happen. Do you read The Missourian, Mr. Coy? Or do you just write to it frequently?

Law enforcement does an outstanding job of apprehending criminals in our local area, only to see them released, rapidly, by a badly broken legal system.

How effectively do you believe it will work on the millions of illegal invaders of our country?

Perhaps Mr. Coy doesn’t approve of the wall, because it’s the one plan that wouldn’t cost us, the taxpayers’ money?

And now he wants us to support the dreamers. We all know what support means. I have a better idea, Mr. Coy.

You use your money to support illegal, young Hispanic people. I don’t care to see my tax dollars spent on them.

In closing, I would like to thank President Trump for ending DACA, and ask for the rapid deportation of these illegal aliens.

P.S. Room for one more, Mr. President?