To The Editor:

I’m not sure I’m sending this to the correct entity but I want to compliment your town.

On Monday, Aug. 14, my wife and I were riding Amtrak from Chicago to KC. We made a brief stop at your station.

While looking out the window we noticed the beautiful landscaping around your depot. In the past 60 days we have had the pleasure of riding Amtrak through Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California, Missouri, Iowa and Illinois. We have probably stopped at approximately 50-60 stations. Most are 1- to 2-minute stops. I want you to know in my perception, Washington’s station is in the top two or three for attractive landscaping.

I assume there is a small group of people who are responsible for maintaining it. They are doing an excellent job and it certainly makes a great first impression for a visitor.

I am sending a check for $100 to your city as a small token of respect for your community pride and adding 2 minutes of colorful enjoyment to our trip.

Keep up the great work! BTW, we live in Manhattan, Kan., and wish Mizzou was still in the Big 12.