To The Editor:

I can’t let Susan Cunningham’s letter to the editor go unanswered

The next school shooting will be in a gun-free zone, same as the rest. Until we learn that as long as we let students go unprotected, there will be “perps” who will want to make a name for themselves, by slaughtering as many as they can; where they know they won’t have any opposition.

Virginia Tech could have avoided the massacre, since the Legislature wanted to give them the opportunity to carry, but they said it was about safety.

This is insanity.

I realize I’m not living in the country I grew up in, in the ’50s, when we were safe almost anywhere. We can’t feel safe in rural areas now, crime is everywhere, but since there is concealed carry almost everywhere, much crime is prevented.

I haven’t seen any M-16, or M-4 military weapons on covers of magazines in grocery stores. Your use of the word assault weapons could define anything used to kill: a brick, hammer, or pen. It is disingenuous when you judge a rifle by how scary it looks.

If I need to go into a place where they declare a gun-free zone, I feel like a sitting duck, going in with an empty holster.

Even though I don’t believe in many lawsuits, if I were injured or killed, needlessly, I can assure you, there would be a lawsuit.

Much insanity starts with school policy, no pocketknives, toy guns, nothing we used to carry to school.