To The Editor:

Missouri’s Farming Rights Amendment is an important step in ensuring that Missouri’s farming practices will be allowed to continue in the safe, productive manner in which they have been for decades.

Farming is in my blood, passed down from my parents. I continue that tradition, raising hogs along with my wife and family. The ability to pass those traditions to future generations is extremely important to us, and we want to ensure that as an option.

What bothers me is out-of-state animal rights groups telling me what is or isn’t good for the animals that I work with. Missouri farmers, generally speaking, are incredibly hardworking and they care about their animals just as they care about the people that they feed.

Agriculture is Missouri’s top industry, thanks to the diligence and perseverance of farmers and ranchers. We know how to keep our animals safe, while also making sure that they are fit for consumption.

This amendment would guarantee the survival of large- and small-scale farming operations throughout the state. The farming community supports a huge percentage of Missouri’s economy and creates thousands of jobs.

Moreover, this amendment would allow producers and those involved in the science and truth behind livestock and crop production to make decisions that would have the most positive impact on increasing food production and ensuring that we are producing food in a safe, environmentally friendly way.

I ask you to stay informed on the issue and to vote “yes” on Amendment 1. The protection of our values, traditions, and our future is at stake.