The speculation is running as swift as the Meramec River during a flood. It will continue well into 2019.

The question is, who will emerge as the Democratic candidate for president? It is expected President Donald Trump will be the Republican candidate.

There’s a silo filled with Democratic candidates. Some of the names are well-known. Others are not. Early polls give former vice president Joe Biden an edge. At this early point, the lead he has may not mean much.

A big question lurking around the speculation is what will Hillary do? Seek the nomination? Endorse someone else? It’s no secret she wants to be president. Many Democrats were disappointed in her performance when she ran in 2016 against Trump. She never really connected with voters. Her message to voters lacked appeal. It was like “more of the same.”

While Barack Obama soared to a certain height, based on the fact that he was a fresh face who gave hope to many voters, he was not the answer many voters hoped he would be. In fact, he may have had more to do with voters turning to Trump than anything else. He disappointed those who voted for him.

Hillary looked like a rerun of Obama!

Columnist Patrick J. Buchanan in his column on this page runs through a list of Democratic hopefuls and he believes 2020 may not be the year of the Democrats. His column is thought-provoking.

If Democrats’ mood in 2020 will be one of wanting a young, fresh face, Joe Biden, 76, Bernie Sanders, 77, Elizabeth Warren, 69, Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio, 66, don’t qualify.

What does the American public want in a president? There is no perfect candidate to meet the challenges of the toughest job in the country. In 2016 they wanted something different. In Trump, they got it. The longer Trump is around the less presidential he seems.

Will he change? Doesn’t look like it. He’s right about many things, but doesn’t have the savvy to learn from his mistakes and his personality is such that there is no hope for change. Trump may be on the right track on many issues but he doesn’t have the mental makeup to read the map and to know how to reach the destination.

As Trump’s popularity is on the decline somewhat, and people realize he can’t do all that he promised, they aren’t going to remain with the same brand.

Presidents are elected by the mood the voters have. That mood changes quite often.