Americans are getting fed up with the threats against their country by North Korea. The situation is getting worse almost daily, and it is a vexing problem for President Donald Trump and his military advisers.

North Korea is threatening to fire missiles, perhaps with nuclear bombs, on a U.S. Pacific territory, Guam, this month. President Trump responded that if North Korea attacks the U.S., it will suffer a hit from us with “fire and fury like the world has never seen.”

If North Korea attacks us their leader Kim Jong Un surely knows we will retaliate, and his regime could be wiped out.

We should not make the first strike, but if attacked we should respond with enough force to halt other North Korean threats. That means our response should include the city of Pyongyang, its capital.

We hate to think of the casualties!

The United Nations’ sanctions against North Korea, which were finally endorsed by China, are strong, but they don’t seem to be deterring North Korea from continuing to build a nuclear arsenal. China is the largest trading partner with North Korea, especially when it comes to coal. However, there are reports that North Korea uses other countries to obtain the coal and they in turn sell it to China. In other words, it is almost impossible to stop the cheating that is going on as to the sanctions.

North Korea wants to be a world power, and is using its nuclear arms to spread fear among other nations. Its threats to hit the United States with missiles is foolhardy because of  the power we have to respond.

China is North Korea’s closest ally but Kim apparently isn’t listening to its friend. However, neither country is trustworthy.