It’s no secret that Gov. Greitens, a Republican, wants to be president and Missouri is just a stop on the way to Washington, D.C. One of the criticisms among several that he has created for himself is his travel to make connections, such as with wealthy would-be campaign donors for his higher political ambitions, and to make friends with other elected officials who he hopes will help him climb the political ladder.

He has given Missouri Democrats a field day to level criticism because of some of his actions. Of course, the criticism is politics. But tending to business at home should be a governor’s first priority. 

Last week Missouri Democrats issued a press release that listed the states Gov. Greitens has visited in his first year as the state’s top official: Iowa, Nebraska, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Virginia, Florida, Colorado and he has made five trips to Washington, D.C., to meet with high-ranking Republican officials. Texas also is on his travel schedule. He has helped politicians in some states by appearing in commercials for them.

He has said state funds are not being used for these trips.

The Democrats charge that the governor is ignoring health care cuts he caused for an estimated 8,000 seniors and people with disabilities. The Democrats added that more than 60,000 seniors in Missouri also are facing higher prescription drug costs because of health care cuts by Republicans. The cuts were made by the General Assembly, but the governor signed off on them, according to the Democrats. 

Gov. Greitens should focus all of his time on Missouri. State-hopping should not have a high priority on any governor’s agenda.