Americans drew a collective sigh of relief when President Donald Trump signed an executive order to keep immigrant families together when they try to enter the United States at our southern borders.

The president said this country’s zero tolerance policy remains in its crackdown on illegal immigration. He faced mounting bipartisan criticism over separating children from their parents as immigrants tried to enter this country. The purpose of the separation policy was to discourage illegal immigration. What happened was worldwide criticism of America’s policy. People were outraged at separating children from their parents.

Now there is considerable confusion at the borders and the humanitarian and political crisis is still with us. Congress has not been able to come up with a workable program on immigration. President Trump believed he could solve the problems, but he, like Congress, has failed. 

To sustain our brisk economy, America needs workers in most fields. There still are a few outcries that to allow immigrants into the country takes jobs from Americans. The truth is most of the jobs they would qualify for aren’t wanted by Americans. To many Americans, that work is “below” them.

There must be a path to citizenship that is not too difficult for immigrants, many of whom could be trained for skilled jobs.

The order signed by the president will keep children with their families who crossed the border illegally for at least 20 days, and directs the Justice Department to fight in court to permanently remove the threat of separation.

The executive order is a temporary solution to the separation problem that faced the immigrants and the U.S. Nobody has come up with a more permanent solution. The wall proposed by President Trump is dead in the water because of the funding issue and doubts that it would work.

As to the charge that among the illegal immigrants are unsavory people, even criminals, there undoubtedly are some, but they are in the minority.

The president and Congress must find a solution to immigration. They’ve got to work together. That’s what Americans want.