We all know that if public schools had to educate all the students in private schools, the taxpayer would pay much more in taxes because of the need for more buildings and teachers. Private schools save the taxpayers money. Many schools are operated by the Catholic Cchurch and Lutheran Church, and there are a number of private Christian schools. Then there are the homeschooled students and other private schools not affiliated with any religion.

The official publication of the St. Louis Archdiocese, the St. Louis Review, produced some statistics in its latest issue that made the savings to the taxpayer quite clear. The St. Louis Archdiocese ranks 38th in the country in the number of Catholics, but ranks No. 8 in the number of students in full-time Catholic schools.

In the St. Louis Archdiocese, there are 41,182 children being educated in Catholic elementary schools, high schools, preschools and special schools. There are 120 Catholic grade schools and 27 Catholic high schools in the Archdiocese. Twelve of the Catholic high schools have been in existence for more than 90 years. There are 48 Catholic grade schools that have been in existence for more than 90 years.

There are 90 preschools operated either as part of Catholic parish elementary schools or a stand-alone school in the Archdiocese.

We don’t have the number of other private schools operated in the St. Louis area, but it’s substantial. The cost is high to attend a private school. The total savings to the taxpayer is great.

As schools are opening, and tax bills will be coming, your bill would be much higher if it weren’t for all the private schools.