The Washington Fair Blue Ribbon Livestock Auction Saturday was a record breaker. The young winners were the livestock exhibitors.

With a host of new buyers of livestock, bidding was spirited in the five-hour auction. The total gross of $435,096 set a new record for the Fair. The old record had been $420,085.75 set in 2006.

It was very satisfying to see the new bidders. Many buyers went together in buying a steer, hog, lamb and dairy products.

Is the year far off when the total gross will reach the half million dollar mark?

One of the motivations in establishing the modern-day Washington Fair was to encourage rural youths to raise blue ribbon market livestock. It has become a very rewarding experience for the exhibitors.

We join the community in congratulating the livestock exhibitors and in giving thanks to the many buyers of their farm animals. And, we must not forget to give thanks to the livestock committee for its excellent work.