The full report isn’t out yet but most of the details have been leaked and the conversations and arguments have begun.

Better Together, the plan to merge St. Louis City with St. Louis County, will be a dominant topic for at least two years in this part of Missouri.

The plan calls for a constitutional amendment on a statewide ballot in 2020 by initiative petition.

For many Missourians, it will be a “I really don’t care” ballot issue. We assume backers believe they have to go statewide to have a chance for Better Together to be approved. St. Louis County voters with all of the municipal “kingdoms” would surely doom the issue.

In the St. Louis Metro Area, which Franklin County is part of, the merger should be of great interest. It’s not exactly a case of “As St. Louis Goes” so goes Franklin County, but there is no denying there is some truth in it.

Our industries and many businesses depend on St. Louis firms for supplies and services. Many residents of Franklin County, 30 to 40 percent of our workers, are employed in St. Louis City or County. The St. Louis airport is vital to many residents of the county. County residents attend trade schools and colleges in St. Louis. Health services in St. Louis are important. Recreational activities vary from sports to the opera, theaters, the zoo, Botanical Garden, museums, the Arch, shopping and the list goes on and on . . .

Franklin Countians depend on St. Louis City and County for our overall lifestyles. Our quality of life depends to a high degree on St. Louis.

A task force has been working on the plan for many months. Financing to promote the plan appears to be in place. Not all questions have been answered.

The health of St. Louis City and County is vital to our well-being. Would St. Louis City and County be Better Together with a merger? There are strong indictors that it would be Better Together!

Just maybe our slogan here should be: As goes St. Louis, so goes Franklin County!