Stubbornness is nothing new in Congress but it may have a new high in the dispute over a Trump Wall at our southern border. Democrats and a few Republicans in Congress oppose funding the wall. President Donald Trump promised to build a wall if elected.

The main fallout from the dispute is that about 25 percent of the federal government is shut down because a funding bill hasn’t been approved.

President Trump says he won’t support a government operations funding bill unless money is approved for a wall. Democratic leadership says it won’t fund a wall to the amount Trump wants.

On their first day Thursday, with a House majority of Democrats, a plan was passed to reopen that part of the federal government that is shut down due to a lack of funding.

This really is a stubbornness battle between Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Trump. So far it’s a no-compromise standoff. The president says a wall is needed for security. Pelosi says it won’t work, is too expensive and a wall sends the wrong message about what America is all about.

Both leaders have an overabundance of pride. Both are concerned about their images. That’s what matters with Trump and Pelosi!