The annual observance of Veterans Day rolls around rather quickly, especially if you are an older military veteran. The recognition given to veterans today is outstanding, highly pleasing to the men and women who served their country in the military.

Veterans Day keeps alive the memories of the men and women who made a sacrifice on behalf of their country. For the men and women who made the supreme sacrifice, we are forever grateful for their service. The price of keeping our freedoms has been high.

Veterans Day can unlock memories that for anybody who served never leave, especially the ones who served in combat. Those are the unpleasant memories. There are pleasant memories also, such as the success in completing a mission, your partners in arms, support given by families and travel enjoyed.

The military experience, including the discipline, can be rewarding and it impacts a person for his or her lifetime. Many friendships and the spirit of camaraderie develop. It always is a learning experience to serve in the military. It can be very educational, especially the travel and seeing the conditions in other countries.

Veterans’ organizations keep alive the meaning of Veterans Day. The communities where they are located are served by veterans’ organizations. They sponsor and participate in patriotic and other community events. These organizations also aid veterans in receiving benefits due them and assist them in many other ways, helping them with medical problems.

The majority of veterans are civic-minded. They have an appreciation of the communities where they live.

They also have a keen sense of appreciation of what this country stands for, especially the freedoms Americans enjoy. Many have witnessed how people in other countries live and recognize how fortunate they are to be an American, and to be able to reach adulthood in a country such as this.

Veterans appreciate the respect they receive and the thanks given from their fellow Americans, and from people in other countries where they served. There have been periods in our history when that was not the case. The lack of respect missteps that prevailed were few and for the most part short-lived.

It comes down to respect for sacrifices made. That’s what Veterans Day is about. We must never lose that respect and appreciation.