With all the anticipation and buildup to Thursday’s snowstorm, many Franklin County residents heeded the warnings and took the day off to avoid the hassle and danger of driving on treacherous roads.

That was a prudent course of action because at the height of the storm driving conditions were as hazardous as predicted.

The workers who braved the elements, were cautious, made it to work, deserve credit also.

But given the severity of the storm, we were impressed with the conditions of most of the major roads and streets by Friday morning.

While there were a few road closures, most notably Highway 47 between St. Clair and Union, you could traverse most major roads in the county by early Thursday evening. Streets in the county’s municipalities took longer to clear but most were in decent shape a day after the storm.

We salute the city, county and state snow removal crews who made that happen. They are the unsung heroes of the winter storm.

Their work is not easy. These men and women worked long hours and risked their lives so the rest of us can get to the places we need to even when we probably shouldn’t be on the road in the first place. We depend on their skills and their tenacity.

They do this every winter and they don’t get enough credit for the service they perform.

The truth is, like a lot of public servants, we take them for granted. Theirs is a thankless task.

We gripe when our mailbox is knocked over by a snowplow or when our car is plowed in. We are quick to complain when a street or road isn’t cleared, but we often fail to appreciate them when we get to our destination safely because of their hard work.

A snow crew removal worker once said, “you can’t beat Mother Nature but you can put up a good fight.”

Thanks to all of the snow removal crews who fought hard in our area.