We recommend that readers of The Missourian check the public notices, or legal notices, in every issue. It may result in dollars in your pocket.

This week State Treasurer Eric Schmitt is publishing the annual report on about $1 billion worth of unclaimed property. Names of lawful owners of the property are in the public notice.

The unclaimed property by law was turned over to his office by financial institutions, businesses, government agencies and other organizations. Schmitt said the money does not belong to the government, “it belongs to the people of  Missouri.” He said his office has cut the processing time nearly in half to make it easier for Missourians to claim and receive their unclaimed property.

Missouri law requires the treasurer to publish the names annually so people can claim property valued at $50 or more. The money was turned over to the treasurer’s office the past year. People and small businesses can check online also. They also can sign up for email notifications at the treasurer’s office when new assets come in matching their information.

The treasurer’s office under Schmitt returned $45 million of unclaimed property in 2017, more in his first year than any previous treasurer in the state’s history. The average processing time for claims has dropped from 14 days to eight days. Information about the treasurer’s office can be obtained by contacting the office at www.treasurer.mo.gov.

The names will be published in The Missourian twice under public notices.