To The Editor:

Turning Point offers shelter and services for victims of domestic and sexual abuse. Volunteers and professionals offer safety and shelter, advocacy, resource and financial education, and counseling to people who are traumatized from violence.

Our services are needed, and there’s a growing rate of people asking for our help in the six counties we serve. That’s why it’s so important for people to know about the work we do and how we’re doing it even better.

In the past five years Turning Point has seen a 42 percent increase of abuse survivors receiving in-person services. We employ over 18 women to run the shelter 24/7 and provide extensive programming.

These improvements in access and services are thanks to grants and donations; the dedicated and compassionate staff who work in a high-stress environment; and Ellen Reed, an executive director who makes the most of every resource.

Ellen’s skillful direction has moved the agency closer to mission achievement. We are proud of her standing in the wider victim-advocacy community and how that elevates our agency by association. We commend the job she is doing, the passion with which she does it and the professionalism she practices and expects from the staff and board. We are all better at what we do for Turning Point because of Ellen’s leadership.

We are here to help individuals and families cope with crisis, and we are committed to growing our capacity so fewer women and children seeking help have to be turned away.

Laura Adams

Board Chair

Turning Point