President Donald Trump’s threatening message to North Korea was quite clear — drop your development of nuclear weapons, and if you start a war, you will be totally destroyed. 

His speech was delivered at the United Nations. It received a mixed reaction, which was no surprise. Some of the delegates liked it, others were alarmed by it.

There is no question that many people feel it is time that someone stood up to North Korea and to that country’s leaders, and answer their threats with tough words. If North Korea should make a first strike at South Korea, or at any other country closely allied with the U.S., the retaliation would end North Korea as we know it today. The Kim Jong Un regime would be destroyed. If South Korea is attacked, the loss of lives on both sides probably would be in the millions.

The North Korean development and firing of rockets have raised the question of just what does that country want? There are many theories. Always, unification with the South is an issue that won’t go away. Recognition by the world that North Korea is a powerful country, armed with nuclear weapons, is another. Are they sending a message that they want America out of South Korea? We have more than 25,000 troops in South Korea. We are committed to defending the South if a war should break out.

There are those experts on the Far East who believe that the Kim family that rules the North has an agreement that the family can stay in power as long as it supplies the military with nuclear weapons. There is little doubt that regime survival is foremost in Kim’s mind. There may be an internal threat, especially by the military, that has motivated the nuclear development and missile program.

North Korea should be kicked out of the United Nations. It is in violation of everything the organization stands for.  No country has ever been expelled from the organization. That would get their attention!

Any view one takes is that it boils down to the fact that North Korea is unpredictable and dangerous. President Trump has sent a strong message to the North. Will that outlaw country back off from the path it is on? Time will tell.