No more suspense. President Donald Trump and North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un will meet June 12 in Singapore for discussions about the future of North and South relations, which, of course, involve the United States. This country has about 27,000 ground troops and many military facilities in South Korea. Nuclear weapons will be high on the agenda.

What to expect? Not even President Trump and his advisers know exactly what to expect. How serious is North Korea about calming down and becoming a peaceful nation and doing away with its nuclear weapons program? Kim already has met with the South Korean leader and just released three Americans who were being held on very questionable charges. The North appears to be willing to talk about other issues that have resulted in tensions with the South, the U.S. and other nations.

What has changed the attitude of the North? Have the sanctions been hurting the North that much? Has the tough stance by the U.S. toward Kim made him willing to negotiate the issues?

Is China the reason? Has China told Kim to calm down, talk with President Trump, and if he doesn’t, he will lose the backing of China?

It is known that Kim has been talking to the leaders in China. Is he following their orders?  

What strategy is being used by China? What is the long-term strategy of China? The rather quick change in attitude by Kim is interesting, suspect and opens the door to wide speculation.

We don’t think the unification of the North and South is possible. There are too many differences between the two countries, especially in the two governments. The South has enjoyed freedoms since the shooting stopped in the Korean War in 1953. People in the North have lived under a dictatorship and have had few freedoms. The state controls everything. The South has prospered with its  form of democracy and capitalistic economy. There is  a huge difference in the standard of living in the two countries — like the difference of night and day.

There are so many questions, so many issues, that we don’t expect much to come from the Kim-Trump talks. We hope we are wrong. We just hope our president has his guard up!