President Donald Trump keeps calling for unity in Congress and among Americans in his speeches and on his postings on Twitter.

The leader of this country can only bring unity if he himself sets an example, and works to bring people together rather than fan unrest, insecurity and hate.

It has been reported rather widely that his advisers, even members of his own family, have tried to persuade him to quit his Twitter blasts.

Is President Trump’s makeup such that he is unreformable? Does he listen to anybody? 

In Arizona and Nevada the past week he gave two different speeches. In Arizona, he blasted Republicans and the media. In Nevada he urged unity and love when he spoke to military veterans.

When he deviates from his prepared message, that is when he is at his worst, blaming everybody but himself, a la Hillary Clinton. He blames many of his problems on the “fake news” media. It is fair to say that some of the media has been blatantly anti-Trump and hardly fair. He does have a problem with the liberal Big Media, especially back east. But he needs a whipping boy, and the media is it. 

The Trump administration to date has had a few successes but the Big Media has mostly ignored them. But President Trump is his own worst enemy with his constant tweets and fiery speeches, which resemble his words while campaigning last year.

There have been a number of times in America’s  history when the country has been divided. The most serious, of course, was in the 1860s with the Civil War. The country always has survived. Complete unity was nearly achieved during World War II, but there still was some divisiveness — some Americans believed we should have stayed out of the war.

The United States always has been up to any challenge, and it will survive President Trump.