Right now, and probably briefly, President Donald Trump is more cozy with the Democrats than Republicans. In fact, his relationship has never been worse than it is now with members of his own party.

It’s all because of a deal he made with Democrats in Congress to raise the debt ceiling and to finance the government for three months as part of legislation to help hurricane victims. It was what Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, a Democrat, wanted.

He also pleased the Democrats’ leader in the House, Nancy Pelosi. Segments of Republicans in Congress opposed the legislation.

Will Trump’s romance with the Democrats in Congress last? Probably not, even though he has been in the Democrats’ camp before. He is not a devoted conservative. He has liberal leanings on some issues. It is believed he once was a Democrat.

Trump is unpredictable but there are strong hints that he is separating himself more and more from Republicans. His loyal core is believed to be intact. 

With this president we don’t know what to expect and when.