A few of the politicians in Franklin County have been critical of Missourian stories on the audit that revealed some irregularities. Their criticism centers on the timing of the stories — right before the August primary election.

The fact is the audit became public when it was presented to the county commission Tuesday, July 29. That’s a week before the August election! The commission did have a draft copy of the audit July 22. The formal presentation was made to the commission meeting July 29.

What do these politicians think we should have done — sit on the stories until after the election? To protect them from anything that was critical about their offices?

The timing of the release of the audit was in the hands of the auditing firm. When it was completed, it was released to the county. The auditing firm didn’t release the audit with the election in mind.

Citizens hate to see turmoil in the county government center. The clash of personalities has been going on for some time. An election stirs emotions adding to the turmoil.