Old-timers in Washington will tell you they can’t remember when three major properties on Elm Street were up for sale at the same time. The buildings are Schroeder Drug Store, Nieburg-Vitt Funeral Home and Purcell Tire & Service, as the businesses in them are known.

They are in a three-block area between Third and Fifth streets in Downtown Washington.

Two of the properties have ownerships different than the names they are known as, while the other one has had the same name for many decades.

All three businesses in them now will continue operations but in different locations in Washington.

Like most downtowns, Washington has changed with time. The types of businesses located downtown are much different than decades ago. Many businesses have moved to the south, west and east sections of the city, especially along Highway 100.

There are newcomers to Washington who are unaware that Fifth Street once was Highway 100. Fifth Street at one time was chiefly residential, with limited commercial property. Many people now consider the central part of Fifth Street as part of downtown.

Downtown Washington is fast becoming a place to live with the condos along Front Street, and newer apartments. That will lead to a need for additional commercial businesses if residential development continues. Missouri River views, the riverfront park and trail are draws. Probably boating activities will continue to grow but not at a rapid pace.

With downtown being reborn, so to speak, the Elm Street buildings that are on the market should have appeal.