We all know East Central College is one of the best buys in higher education in Missouri. It has the second lowest tuition among the state’s community colleges.

When it comes to fiscal matters, ECC is conservative. It always has been in its nearly half century of offering associate degrees and technical training.

ECC’s tuition is $3,240 a year for students who live in the college district, and $4,350 for students who live outside of the district. The tuition at Kansas City’s Metropolitan Community College is slightly lower than ECC’s totals.

ECC’s long-standing mission has been to make higher education affordable, which takes the pressure off students who have loans. When the college district was established, a goal was to provide the opportunity for as many high school graduates as possible in the area to have at least two years of college. The college is and has been accessible to thousands of students over the years. Many of the ECC graduates move on to four-year colleges. As the college grew, ECC joined with other colleges to make obtaining a four-year degree possible.

ECC graduates have earned the reputation of being well prepared for their final two years toward a four-year degree. ECC’s School of Nursing has an outstanding reputation for entire classes passing state certification board exams. The college also has been successful in its vocational-technical training programs. The college  has brought many cultural activities to this area as well.

We often have remarked that the establishment of the college has been one of the most significant happenings in Franklin County in the past century.