Franklin County Highway Administrator Ron Williams is upset over what he terms as a lack of communication between the county and the Missouri Department of Transportation ( MoDOT).

Williams said his department wants to replace a small bridge over Fiddle Creek in the Labadie area and has submitted the plans to MoDOT, but has not received any reply from the state agency. The plans were submitted last September and nothing has been heard from MoDOT.

Williams told of his frustrations over the lack of cooperation from the state agency at a meeting of the Franklin County Transportation Committee. State Area Engineer Judy Wagner, who was at the meeting of the committee, said the county should contact the district engineer to voice concerns. She added that employee turnover and low staffing may be a reason for a lack of communication and projects not being reviewed on a timely basis.

One of the reasons why the state reviews projects such as this is due to environmental requirements. The committee plans to ask the county commission to write MoDOT about these concerns.

The county usually has had good relations with MoDOT, especially since state area engineers were appointed. MoDOT owes the county, at the least, a courtesy reply.