Periodically the area engineer for the Missouri Department of Transportation, Judy Wagner, provides an update on MoDOT projects in Franklin County. It can be an eye-opener for county residents.

We all know that the state has a vast highway and bridge investment in all parts of Missouri, which costs mega millions of dollars to maintain every year.

MoDOT construction projects in Franklin County at this time are being done at a total cost of $30,222,614.

That total does not include the $62.9 million new bridge on Highway 47 over the Missouri River at Washington, which is open and nearing completion, set for Sept. 2 this year.

The largest of the ongoing projects in the county, except for the Highway 47 bridge, is pavement improvements to Interstate 44 from Route 30 to the Crawford County line. The cost for that project is $17,947,686.

The second largest is pavement improvements to Route C, from Highway 100 to Highway 50. That cost is $3,197,114.

There are several other projects that cost more than $1 million.

In the design phase of projects for Franklin County, there are numerous projects with a total estimated cost in the millions.

The state does receive some money from the Feds for its projects, but its state funding sources now are pretty well eaten up in its maintenance program. That’s why Gov. Mike Parson has proposed a $350,000 no tax increase bond issue to fix or replace 250 deteriorating bridges in the state. Since voters rejected a fuel tax hike last year for additional revenue for MoDOT, there is no other solution for more revenue.

The road and bridge needs aren’t going away!