Democrats have taken the position that there is no emergency at our southern border. They should read Patrick Buchanan’s commentary on this page.

Democrats are ignoring facts on the border crisis. If we don’t have an emergency at our southern border, then the definition of emergency should be changed.

Buchanan wrote that more than 76,000 migrants crossed the border without authorization in February, an 11-year high. They are arriving sometimes by the busload at the rate of 2,200 a day.

We have never been an advocate of building a wall as a permanent solution but something has to be done. Democrats, joined by some Republicans, have not come forward with an alternative plan to halt the invasion of people from the south. It appears more and more that the Democrats are simply out to get President Trump, who at times makes himself an easy target because of what he says and does.

If this country ever needed leadership on this issue it is now. Nancy and Chuck, what’s your plan? The problem is they are too busy going after the president than to get involved in problem solving. The radicals who have taken over the Democratic Party lack a knowledge of world history to understand the pitfalls of socialism.

What is going on tells us that voters need to better inform themselves about people on the ballot and what they stand for. In the end, it is the voters who are to blame. We are well aware that candidates can fool voters. That’s why much more scrutiny is needed by voters when they cast ballots.

President Trump often is described as power crazy. The same could be said about Pelosi and Schumer. At least the president has come forward with a plan.