The debate over building a wall for security at our southern border has a solution that will never happen. If Republican President Donald Trump, who champions the wall, and Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who opposes funding a wall, would both resign, Congress and the executive branch might reach a compromise to end the impasse, and avoid another partial government shutdown.

Maybe new leadership could reach a compromise on immigration reforms, too!

Their resignations would be best for the country.

Of course, it will not happen. Pelosi has joined Trump on a power ride. Both for their own reasons want to end the deadlock on their terms. Individual victory is all they care about. They really don’t care what they do to the country. It’s a “me duel.”

Americans are sick of the Pelosi-Trump duel of words. They expect more from their leaders. The wall they have created between themselves is ugly, demoralizing, child-like and an example of ineptness in leadership.