It is noteworthy that Augusta has become the modern-day key area for “local” wineries of the St. Louis region, with local defined as St. Louis, St. Charles, Lincoln, Warren, Franklin and Jefferson counties, and eight counties in nearby Illinois. The St. Louis Business Journal ranked the wineries by wine cases produced and sold in 2018.

Four of the top five wineries are located in the Augusta area of St. Charles County in the Journal’s ranking. No. 1 is Mount Pleasant Estates, followed by Montelle Winery, The Grafton Winery in Illinois, Augusta Winery and Noboleis Vineyards.

Ranked No. 6 in a three-way tie were Balducci Vineyards, Augusta; LaChance Vineyards, De Soto; and Robller Vineyards, Inc., New Haven. Information for the listings was supplied by the wineries.

Thousands of people visited the wineries in the Augusta area this past weekend. The Augusta area is a winery center. Wineries have highlighted Augusta on the Missouri map. It should be mentioned that the nearby Dutzow and Marthasville areas also are homes to wineries that draw many visitors.

In recent decades, wineries in this area have done more to draw weekend visitors to this area than any other attraction. Also, drawing many visitors to this area is the Katy Trail. Washington is on the winery trail that runs from St. Charles County to Hermann in Gasconade County.

Adding to those draws is the Missouri River, the bluffs, small lakes, tree-lined hills and valleys. The scenic value adds to the other attractions.

All of the attractions mentioned have a tremendous economic value for this area and for the state. The potential has not yet reached its peak!