Gov. Eric Greitens’ latest act is to wear the mantle of a victim in all of his legal entanglements. 

He fooled Missouri voters once but his latest act is not winning any favorable reviews. His ego will not permit him to assume any responsibility for his misbehavior. He remains defiant, arrogant, superior to others and tries to use his Navy SEAL service to promote his actions and to give him a tough guy persona.

He’s a deflated politician and governor!

He believes he is above the rules and standards for a public official. Some people believed he had a promising career in government. He refuses to believe it’s all over for him. He ignores the calls for him to resign. He refuses to admit he’s through as a public official.

He has assumed the role of “victim.” We don’t believe Missourians will fall for that role. 

In an editorial in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Sunday, the newspaper was right on when it pointed out: “Missourians elected a showman who exploited his Navy SEAL trident and videos of concocted military-style heroics to mask his lack of substance. The theatrics can’t help him anymore. The only Missourian who doesn’t seem to realize that is Eric Greitens himself.”

If he really is interested in serving Missourians, he can do that by resigning!