It is unfortunate that in election issues, smear campaigns can result. It’s happening in Washington at this time over the annexation issue. The hate and grudges some people have against the city are spewing out on the annexation issue. It’s highly distasteful!

It’s not coming from the majority of people opposed to annexation — just a few. Those few who have smeared the city at city council meetings, if you would believe them, they say there is nothing right or good about Washington’s government. When they smear the city, it is vilification aimed at all those volunteers who make Washington what it is and voters who elected our officials.

We say again, if those who are condemning the city, whether they live in the city or just outside its limits, think Washington is so bad, why do they stay here? They don’t trust the city to hear some of their remarks and a few who harbor so much hate, well, we pity them.

This past weekend, some pro-annexation signs were stolen or damaged. The actions of a few also are giving all of the opponents a black eye. We know as a fact that some citizens who were neutral on the issue now are supporting annexation. They are upset about the smear campaign against the city and the name calling that has happened.

The city has proposed a modest annexation plan. City officials have tried to reach out to all people to explain the issue. We don’t know what else they could do. The city has made its case for annexation.

We will vote for all eight tracts proposed for annexation. Why? Because we believe it’s in the best interests of the city and its citizens. To us, it’s the right thing to do for the future of the city and for the people who live in the areas proposed for annexation.