Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., is an accurate voice when it comes to knowing China and the game it is playing with North Korea and the United States. He told the Associated Press that China is more of a problem than a partner for the U.S. on dealing with nuclear-armed North Korea.

China has been “lying for 25 years” about wanting to eliminate North Korea’s nuclear capability, Sen. Cotton said. He accused Beijing of using North Korea as a diversion from economic warfare against the U.S. and other misbehavior. We say that China has been lying about many things for the past 50 or more years.

Sen. Cotton, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said China benefits from a nuclear North Korea. “That’s why they have been playing both sides of the street, saying one thing to Western officials in public but doing nothing to stop North Korea from getting nuclear weapons or how to get them to denuclearize,” he asserted.

The senator disagrees with President Donald Trump’s more positive assessment of China’s support of tough U.N. penalties against North Korea. President Trump has been consistent in calling for China to step up its trade restrictions on trade ties with North Korea. It is known that China sells goods to countries that in turn sell to North Korea and the economic sanctions haven’t worked as a result.

China has said if North Korea should make the first military strike against South Korea it would not aid the North. China also has said if the first strike is made by the South, and supported by the U.S., it would support the North. But with China’s record of lying, it can’t be trusted.