It’s much too early to know if the Florida high school shooting survivors will be successful in their Road to Change campaign, which aims to expand their grassroots activism from rallies and school walkouts to registering young voters, with the goal being stricter gun laws.

Many adults are cheering them on. It’s going to be educational for the students as they spend the summer crossing the country in trying to achieve their goal. They have met with some success since the shooting at their school in Florida where 17 were killed by a shooter on Valentine’s Day. They have rallied hundreds of thousands of students to march for gun control reforms. There was a massive turnout in March in Washington, D.C. An objective is to rally young voters to vote out lawmakers who are beholden to the National Rifle Association (NRA).

The students are planning more than 25 stops on their tour. They will visit communities where shootings have occurred.

The tour is being funded by donations but no financial figures have been announced. The tour will begin June 15 in Chicago. The students plan to meet with many youth groups at tour stops.

It undoubtedly is the largest youth movement with a political bent ever staged in the country.