The Franklin County Commission annually allocates to road districts and municipalities 5 percent of money collected from a county sales tax for roads and bridges. The case for justification to make the allocations is so strong that to question it shows a lack of recognition and appreciation of the facts.

A county citizen questioned the commission about this practice.

There is a strong feeling among some county taxpayers that the entities that share the 5 percent should be allocated even more, perhaps 10 percent. But citizens of Franklin County regardless of where they live recognize what a large road system the county has, more than 800 miles, with many bridges.

There is a powerful argument that since a large share of the sales tax revenue comes from residents in the municipalities and special road districts, they are entitled to a larger share.

Also, as Presiding Commissioner John Griesheimer pointed out, when a previous commission went to the voters for approval of the sales tax, it promised that the revenue would be shared with municipalities and road districts. By sharing the funds, the county is living up to its commitment. To break that commitment would do terrible damage to the county’s credibility. It would be wrong to do that!

The county has been careful and fair in awarding the allocations. This year $378,000 is being allocated. The entities must apply for the funds and justify the need. The applications are screened carefully. Seven entities are sharing the $478,000 this year. The entities’ projects are needed.

The county is doing a good job in administrating this program. There have been few complaints and the money has been used wisely by the entities that have benefited from the program.