We expect there will be more gridlock in Congress this year, especially with a Speaker whose main objective is to attempt to impeach President Donald Trump.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who was sworn in Thursday to a new term in that office, was asked on the “Today” show if she felt the special counsel should honor and observe the Department of Justice guidance that states a sitting president can’t be indicted. Pelosi replied that she didn’t think that the ruling “is conclusive.”

Pelosi is the highest ranking official to support that President Trump could be indicted while in office. She told USA Today that Trump is entering a “different world.” In other words, that is a warning to President Trump.

Since the Pelosi-House is now controlled by Democrats, its focus, among other issues, is to “get Trump.” That’s going to take up much of the House’s time this year, since the Republicans have a slim majority in the Senate, and the outlook is not good for compromise, “deadlock” looms over the passage of needed legislation on the many issues this country faces.

Dr. Robert Browning, executive director of the C-SPAN archives and a Purdue University professor, found in end-of-year congressional statistics that Congress is meeting less, taking fewer votes and passing fewer laws. Maybe that’s good!

Then there is the president’s veto. Everything seems to be adding up to a “do nothing” Congress with the president being the main target.