Embattled Judge Roy Moore of Alabama, who is a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, is fighting off calls for him to drop out due to claims from five women of alleged sexual misconduct. Many senators have called for him to quit the race, and one even said if Moore is elected that august body should expel him.

The former judge has denied all the accusations leveled at him of sexual assault. A number of senators said they believe the women. Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado, head of the Republican campaign arm, said the Senate should vote to expel Judge Moore if he is elected because “he does not meet the ethical and moral requirements of the U.S. Senate.”

Republican Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri said, “Alabama voters should have a better choice, and Judge Moore should have better answers to the charges.” Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill said Judge Moore is not fit to serve in the Senate and should drop out of the race.

Judge Moore, a radical conservative, has been a controversial judge and has little campaign funds.

Sen. Blunt’s remarks were on target: Alabama voters should have a better choice!