As we ring in 2019, it’s timely to reflect on the good there is in our environment.

The news is not all bad, although it seems like that sometimes. Bad things do make much of the news. The Missourian in some past years has been charged with by readers as publishing too much bad news. The editor’s reply is the same today as it was then.

The bad news may not be that unusual today as it once was. But it is a happening that qualifies as news. A newspaper does not live up to its responsibility to inform people if it ignores the bad in the area it serves. Publishing bad happenings can be a warning to readers that evil is present in a community and to be on guard for their safety. It also is a signal to people to be alert and to report to law officials anything that appears suspicious to them. A newspaper is a “neighborhood watch” on paper.

A city councilman once told us we publish too much news that is negative.

We told him that there is much more positive news in every issue than negative happenings. We told him to go through any issue and count the positive versus the negative or bad news.

One easy way to do it is to count the positive pictures we have in every issue. The Missourian is a leader in publishing photos that speak of the positives in the community.

Our photo editor, Jeanne Miller Wood, makes herself available 24/7 to “make” photos. She is a true artist in her profession. We tell many stories by photos. We hope our editorials make people think about the subject. Jeanne’s photos also make readers think about the subject.

This brings us to our thought of the day. We have so many good people in our circulation area. Check oupositive stories and pictures.

So many of them reflect the good people, the volunteers, we have in this area. From fundraising for worthy causes, to group and individual achievements, to successes in business and civic endeavors, to the work of our churches and service clubs, to the city and county governments and other special districts, to recreational, the list goes on and on — all positives about the good people we have in this area. They give of their time and money to help all kinds of causes. Others help their neighbors with a high level of kindness.

The good people stand out in area communities. There are so many of them!

Volunteerism is what makes this area special. It’s all in The Missourian!