The drug war is out of control in Franklin County. The battle to curb illegal drugs reached a high level over the holidays.

First responders handled dozens of overdose cases in a short period of time over the holidays, leaving four people dead in the county.

Three women overdosed in the county jail after drugs were smuggled into the facility. A woman is believed to have hidden heroin in a body cavity. All three were taken to Mercy Hospital Washington and they recovered from the heroin overdose.

What percentage of the overdose cases involving druggies return to drugs after overdosing? It must be a high percentage! Being saved from death by Narcan doesn’t seem to cure them of the urge for more drugs. They are hooked to a degree that the overdose experience doesn’t cure them of the urge to continue to use drugs. One person overdosed three times!

Why do they turn to drugs in the first place? There are many reasons. Many look for an escape from their state of life. They can’t handle their life status. They seek relief in drugs.

We don’t fault our law enforcement officers. They are doing all they can to combat drug use, especially to arrest the dealers. The dealers and their sources are targeted. The public can help by informing officers of any suspicious activities.

Our jails and prisons are filling up with convicted drug users and dealers. Opiate users are costing taxpayers millions of dollars in law enforcement, the judicial system and in confinement facilities.

Would tougher sentencing for drug dealers be a deterrent? Longer sentences, even life terms for dealers, are suggestions being heard.

Should more resources be directed to education, especially in the earlier grades?

Is there anything else that can be done to curb opiate use, which seems to be a problem all over the country?

Legalizing some drugs is not the answer.

With all the resources this country has, including brainpower, one would think an answer could be found.

In the meantime, we must help any way we can in curbing this menace to our country.