Assigning blame for mass shootings and other tragic events is the same old American political blame game, with a goal of trying to score points against an opponent or the other party. It has reached a new high during the Trump years.

Members of both parties play the game while neglecting the responsibilities owed to the people they represent and the sections of the country they have been elected to serve. If the president would only refrain from his daily tweets it would set the tone for a better political environment. But he alone is not responsible for mass shootings, the immigration crisis, the health care situation, the high cost of college, the trade wars, the military conflicts we are engaged in, the economy, this country’s infrastructure problems and the list goes on and on.

Both parties, and their leaders, share the blame. The American public is tired of The Blame Game and would like to see compromises and agreement on how to deal with the issues that are challenging us from all sides.

We don’t have the leadership in either party to bring a degree of unity to the lawmakers and lighten the rhetoric that continues to divide the parties.

The voters can be blamed also for electing to office some people who are not qualified to lead or even understand the issues, much less have the ability to come up with solutions. We have American history illiterates as lawmakers in high offices who lack the experience and qualifications to serve in government. Some are in leadership roles and are failing the people they represent.

Too often the voters fail to do their homework in learning about the qualifications of candidates for offices on the ballots. It also is true that too often qualified people won’t seek public offices because to them it is not the environment they want to be in to work for positive changes.

We all are to blame in one way or another, to a small or to a big degree, for the government we have. America has survived, though, even with all our faults, our lack of participation in government at all levels, and our lack of attention to the important things in life, and somehow this country has and will prevail during troubling times. We have had them in the past and we survived, and it has been painful. There is something called the American spirit!