With five Constitutional Amendments on ballots in Tuesday’s primary election, there is voter confusion. The best advice to voters is to take their time in voting and carefully consider each one.

Amendment 1 is the so-called right to farm proposal. Farmers are divided on it. We don’t see a need for it and many farmers are being misled on its purposes. It’s not needed to protect farmers.

Amendment 5 concerns the “unalienable” right to keep and bear arms and the state is obligated to uphold that right. Again, we don’t see the need since those rights are protected by the U.S. Constitution.

Amendment 7 is the three-quarter-cent sales tax for roads and bridges. It would be a 10-year tax. Cities and counties would share the revenue from the tax. Priority would be given to repairing unsafe roads and bridges. The top priority in Franklin County has been listed as adding lanes to Highway 47 between Washington, Union and St. Clair. Anyone who drives Highway 47 recognizes the need. Traffic backups at Union can be a mile or two long. Local officials say the only chance to improve Highway 47 rests with the sales tax proposal. We will vote for it.

Amendment 8 is the “Veterans Lottery.” The revenue from it would go for projects and services for veterans. We will vote yes.

Amendment 9 is to protect a person’s electronic communications and data from unreasonable searches and seizures. There is a question about the need. It is an added safeguard. We are leaning toward a yes vote.

Amendment 7 is the most important of the five proposals. Food and drugs are exempt from the proposed sales tax. It deserves support.