Texans love their guns. That’s why gun restrictions won’t result in Texas from the school shooting at Santa Fe High School that took the lives of eight students and two teachers.

The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, promised to do something about school violence and safety. But the record in Texas is that the state has resisted previous attempts for gun controls.

The National Rifle Association’s annual meeting was held recently in Dallas where the gun culture fever runs high.

The governor said the problem is not guns. “The problem is hearts without God. It is homes without discipline and communities without values.” No one can argue those points, but until there are reforms and a change in our culture there must be some restrictions on guns. Do we want school shootings to go on and on?

The governor has called for a series of roundtable discussions to address school safety. The need for restrictions on guns are not expected to result from the discussions. There are more than 1.2 million people in Texas who are licensed to carry handguns and are allowed to openly carry them in public if they so desire.

An end to school shootings is not in sight. In the meantime, school security has to be the No. 1 priority.