Few politicians in the state have had to take the hits that Sen. Claire McCaskill is taking, but she’s not running for cover. She has visited county after county, facing Missourians and their questions, and she doesn’t back down on her convictions.

Her expected opponent in the November election is Attorney General Josh Hawley, whose Republican handlers are desperate in their efforts to beat Sen. McCaskill. They are attacking her from any angle they can fabricate.

Sen. McCaskill is more to the center than to the far liberal left. She has an independent streak and has bucked her Democratic Party on a number of issues. She has approved a number of President Trump’s nominees for federal positions. We don’t agree with her on some issues, such as abortion, but we recognize her toughness on many other issues. She fights for Missourians and few other Missouri senators have been tougher when it comes to federal government accountability. She’s very much like Harry Truman was!

Sen. McCaskill has responded to veterans’ causes with determination and a vigor that puts her in a toughness circle that is to be admired. Her vigor and spirit of righteousness sets an example for all others under the Capitol dome. She’s for the people and an outspoken foe of government waste. She responds to the people she represents. In Congress, senators listen when she speaks.

Her opponents have attacked her family and have found a home in the gutter when it comes to television advertising. Hawley simply is not qualified for the U.S. Senate. What is his record? He really doesn’t have one. He was a law professor before being elected attorney general. He was in the news early on after moving into the attorney general’s office because he didn’t want to live in Jefferson City as the law required. He finally rented an apartment there but still voted in Columbia.

Hawley is a neophyte in government. Sen. McCaskill is seasoned, has experience, knows her way around the federal government, is respected, can get things done, and she’s a worker for Missourians. She doesn’t deserve the smears and disrespect she has received from the Hawley camp. But that’s politics!