Endorsements aren’t necessarily a sure ticket to a successful outcome, but few tax increases have gained the wide support given to Prop D, the gasoline tax hike that will be on the Nov. 6 ballot in Missouri.

The endorsements range from Gov. Mike Parson to the Franklin County Municipal League, which gave its support to the tax increase at its meeting in Washington Wednesday night.

Even with a tractor-trailer load of endorsements, it will be necessary for voters to turn out at the polls on Election Day to give a yes vote to Prop D.

Few tax increases, regardless of the volume of endorsements, are a sure thing. That’s why every vote is important.

The need for more money for roads and bridges has been well-documented. If Prop D passes, funds that annually go to the Highway Patrol for law enforcement, out of MoDOT’s budget, will be freed up for roads and bridges. That’s because Prop D specifically dedicates revenue to the Highway Patrol from the proposed 10-cent gasoline tax proposal instead of taking it from MoDOT’s budget.

The ballot wording is a bit confusing in that it says part of the money from the tax will go for law enforcement. Many Missourians were surprised to learn that MoDOT has been spending part of its revenue to finance the Highway Patrol.

The 10-cent gasoline tax increase will be phased in over four years to lessen the impact on motorists. It is important to remember that many motorists from outside of Missouri who are passing through our state will be paying the tax also.

The Missourian doesn’t like tax increases, feeling like most people. But there are tax hikes that are absolutely necessary and this is one of them. We urge people to vote yes on Prop D. The time has come to act. We waited too long to meet the needs of our roads and bridges!