If he wasn’t before, he is now. Quarterback Tom Brady is a household name.There are sports heros and there are superheroes in sports. Brady is a superhero.

He has his detractors. Most successful people have them. Maybe they are jealous, don’t like a person because of his or her looks, something in their private life turns them away — who knows, the reasons could be many. But the knowledgeable people in sports recognize greatness. They praise Brady, who has set Super Bowl records.

Brady and his New England Patriots notched another Super Bowl victory Sunday, as everybody knows by now. For some people in and around St. Louis, they were glad to see the Los Angeles Rams and team owner Stan Kroenke lose. The bitterness over the Rams moving from St. Louis to Los Angeles lingers

The football analysts and commentators remarked that the Patriots deserved to win because no other team has a better work and training ethic than Brady and company. They also mentioned that their coach, Bill Belichick, is a hard worker with great dedication to his role. Brady’s training and superior wisdom of the game were recognized by the experts. Brady, etc., has a record of winning games in the fourth quarter or with waning minutes and seconds to play.

You don’t have to be a football expert to understand that Brady is tops when it comes to reading defenses and reacting to exploit any weaknesses in an opponent. He rarely is sacked. He is well-respected by his teammates. The fact that he is 41 years old and still performing like a much younger player is against the odds. To perform like he does reflects his intense physical training.

Brady’s team has a number of outstanding players and they respond to his leadership.

As for the game itself, the viewers numbered more than 100 million. It was a defensive battle. One of the television commentators remarked that the game was much like the way football was played years ago — a defensive battle and not much scoring with a 13-3 final tally.

The guess here is that the halftime show was well-received. This writer is ignorant as to the entertainers and their delivery except to recognize the performance was noisy, had a lot of body movement and people with arms outstretched, jumping up and down, screaming and seemingly in a musical trance of some sort.

The Super Bowl is a huge money event. To put on a production of that magnitude costs megabucks. The light show was good, even enjoyable. It was good to see on TV all the old and outstanding players of another era who always attend.

The hype behind the Super Bowl production is something to marvel about, especially the cost. Many people say they watch the game for the commercials. Some commercials are clever, many are boring. Overall, we would give a C-plus grade to them. That grade is from a dumb amateur who doesn’t always recognize what grabs people to buy a product.

The Brady Bowl was a success even if Kroenke headed west with a sour face.