We hope that when the culprit is arrested, charged and convicted for the bomb threat at Washington High School last week that severe punishment is levied.

It appears that the likely suspect is a student, but it could be someone else.

Authorities have said when a conviction occurs restitution will be sought for expenses to law enforcement officers who participated in the search for a bomb, and who spent time in evacuating the building and securing the area.

A note was scrawled on a rest­room wall indicating a bomb had been placed in the school. More than 1,350 students were evacuated, along with about 100 staff members. The students and staff members were moved to the football field, and school was called off for the rest of the day. No bomb was found.

This type of criminal incident is more than a juvenile prank and tough punishment should be assessed to whomever the guilty person is. An example needs to be set in punishment given to serve notice that this type of criminal act will not be tolerated. A bomb threat is a very serious matter.

The punishment should be serious also.