The General Assembly began its veto and special session Monday amid questions of why since the special session issue is somewhat unknown, even to lawmakers, and many people can’t understand the priority given to such a trivial matter.

The governor called the special session to amend a state law to allow the sales proceeds of more than one vehicle, trailer, boat or outboard motor to be used as a credit against the sales tax owed on the purchase of a new vehicle. The Missouri Supreme Court recently ruled that the sales tax proceeds of only one vehicle may be used as a tax credit owed on the purchase of a new vehicle. The lawmakers in the special session may decide to amend the law to allow the sale of multiple vehicles to be used as a credit.

It would seem to be more practical to vote on the measure in the next session rather than calling a special session to consider it.

It has angered people, especially in St. Louis, who believe addressing gun violence should have rated a higher priority for a special session.

The governor says the Supreme Court decision is an obligation that has to be fixed for the good of the people. There has been little publicity about the court decision and the question is why it was given such a high priority.