As a letter writer in this issue suggests, St. Clair deserves a big pat on the back for its hosting of viewers for the eclipse.

The Missourian has received several letters from visitors from far-away states who viewed the eclipse from St. Clair. All of them raved about the special hospitality and friendly reception they received from people in St. Clair.

St. Clair drew many visitors for the eclipse since being on Interstate 44 made it an ideal location to witness the total eclipse.

All of the organizations, the city of St. Clair and the volunteers who helped make it a very special occasion can look with pride on the impression they made on visitors. They would not have taken the time to write this newspaper unless they really were impressed with the reception they received. It proves what St. Clair can do when the city, organizations and volunteers cooperate in an undertaking which draws visitors.

St. Clair needs to build on this accomplishment by continuing the spirit that prevailed for the eclipse.