All indications are that the Missouri General Assembly will convene in a special session this coming week to reverse recent budget cuts affecting services for thousands of people with disabilities.

Why was this legislation passed and now a special session must be called to reverse it? Was the seriousness of the cuts not recognized when the legislation was passed? Did lawmakers not understand the ramifications of the legislation?

As required, state lawmakers will meet Wednesday in the annual veto session to consider overriding gubernatorial vetoes. None of the five vetoes by Gov. Eric Greitens are expected to be overridden and since members will be in Jefferson City anyway, a special session could be scheduled to consider other matters. One is to expel a St. Louis-area senator who made a social media comment hoping President Donald Trump would be assassinated. A House member also may be booted for calling for the hanging of vandals who defaced a Confederate monument in Springfield.

The governor usually calls for special session under the law, but lawmakers can call themselves into a special session if three-fourths of the members of the House and Senate sign off on it.

The governor should call for a special session to restore the services to the disabled and to consider the ouster of the two members of the General Assembly.