The city of Washington’s special committee to look into possible capital improvement projects to be funded by a continuation of the half-cent sales tax, which will be up for renewal in 2018, should consider a second access to the riverfront.

There is only one main access to the riverfront now — at the Lafayette Street railroad crossing. It gets congested at times and there can be a hazard in crossing the railroad tracks.

There is an increase in traffic to the riverfront. More activities are being held there. With the extension to the west of the Rotary Riverfront Trail, there will be more traffic. When the weather is good, recreational boating is very popular.

There will be more attractions along the river as time passes in the downtown section.

At the very least, planning should begin for a second vehicle access! Maybe a pedestrian access over the tracks should come first.

More parking along the river and off Front Street also is going to be needed. Planning for parking should begin now.

The time has come for some serious thinking about a second access to the riverfront.